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Close Your Eyes and Make a Wish; Time to Awaken Your Inner Peace

The Story


As with most Fairy Tales out there - it doesn't always start with the "happily ever after". First there is heartache and pain. However, as life carried on eventually one thing led to another and my world was suddenly opened up to the healing powers of Essential Oils and Homemade Botanical Skin Care. I thought to myself one day: what if I can come up with luxurious pampering creations that will not only encourage me to get out of bed and into the shower, but additionally provide my soul with the healing powers of essential oils, my mind with wonderful stimulating scents and my body with natural ingredients that will leave my entirety ready to take on the world.I have truly come to believe that everything really does happen for a reason (even if it ends up taking most of your life to understand why!!) But it's safe to say that without this journey and the support and encouragement from my sweetheart and the unconditional love showered upon me by my family and closest friends, this next chapter of my life that I now share with you would probably still have remained unwritten for years to come...

Chapter 6221: Enchanted Ataraxia. A State of Serene Calmness.

Nestled away in the fairytale side streets of Christianshavn, Denmark is a quaint and idyllic sanctuary where soy wax is hand-poured into upcycled containers, organic oils are sun-infused with botanical goodies and exquisite essential oil recipes are conjured up to create Enchanted Ataraxia's cruelty-free skin loving treats. Handcrafted Cold Process & French Hand Milled Soaps are cured for six weeks prior to being listed under "Current Treasure" - allowing for a long lasting bar of smooth, silky, creamy soap. To read more about this process, please check out the Guide to "Real Magic" that I have added to the bottom of my web shop.Preservative-Free Skincare is made to order to ensure all the magic and gorgeous ingredients retain their 'sparkle' when they reach you. Cruelty Free Beeswax and Organic Soy Aromatherapy melts are made in advance - this allows the oils to thoroughly infuse the hardening waxes thereby ensuring the best possible scent throw.The next thing I'm about to write is very important to me: My products are NEVER TESTED ON ANIMALS. Everything listed is palm oil free and of course cruelty free.*Products containing Organic Honey and/or Cruelty-Free Silk or Beeswax will be CLEARLY labeledPlease note - products will be replaced with new creations regularly. So once it's gone - it's gone!Finally, if you live in Copenhagen, or happen to be visiting the city - we can arrange for you to save on the shipping costs and meet me in person to pick up your goodies :)

Unique. Freshly Crafted. One of a Kind.  

Peace & Love, Lille P xx

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